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@theworstbuddhist (personal | random)
@scottmarshallart (art only)
@booksIkept (logging books I buy)
@blackrocksbooks (Black Rocks Books, my publishing/distro)
  Other sites I maintain/tolerate:
A Podcast in a Queer Tree archive
Behance portfolio
Story Mode card game
The Insult webcomic
Gumroad and inPrnt stores

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What's New?
I've started a company called BLACK ROCKS BOOKS (BRB for short) and it will be the home to my continued personal publishing efforts. I also hope to publish a few things of other people's as a micropress and microdistro. If you are a comics maker looking for either of those things, check out the BRB page for details.
Latest drawings posted to @scottmarshallart on Instagram:

Looking for something good to read? Here's what's on my pull list at Strange Adventures:

There's Something Wrong with Patrick Todd; Doctor Strange; anything with art by Tula Lotay or Maria Llovet; Human Target; New Mutants; Shang-Chi; Love and Rockets; Moon Knight; Stillwater; Star Trek: Lower Decks; Defenders; Archie horror titles; Fire Power; Edge of Spider-Verse; Santos Sisters; Dwellings; The Makers;

💬 WORK IN PROGRESS for 2023: first installments of some interconnected satirical nostalgia, kind of. Working title is Return of the Tesla Twins.
💬 CURRENTLY READING: my backlog of books and comics is bordering on shameful. I'm going to list the stuff I plan to read next and cross them off as I go.
Do A Powerbomb! by Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer
Ducks by Kate Beaton
The Chuckling Whatsit by Richard Sala (new ed.)
Multiple Warheads by Brandon Graham
Bad Weekend and a bunch of other books by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips and others
📖 WORK IN PROGRESS for 2023: a double novel, flipbook style, with my first NaNoWriMo book on one side and a later one on the other.

What Am I Playing?

Probably the game I play the most these days, due to lack of long periods of leisure time, is a mobile game called Marvel Snap! in which you build a deck of Marvel heroes and villains to fight other players with.

The only other video game I spend much time on is Mario Kart, and I have been enjoying the new track "packs" intermittently released for the Switch.

Whatever happened to Story Mode?

It still exists! You can always go check out the Story Mode website amd download the cards and print them off and play the game for free.

Beyond that, I do have plans to have actual physical decks manufactured so I can sell them here and at shows, but it probably won't happen this year. Or it might?