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Let's Make Comics, Halifax!

A group for pros and amateurs alike.

The HRM Making Comics Meetup welcomes anyone from the Halifax area who wants to make comics.

All ages and skill levels are welcome to come to our monthly meetings or contribute to our group zine, Proxima!

There is no cost or obligation to be in the group - come and go as you please.

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Join us at Radstorm!                         

All ages and skill levels are welcome. Please note that if you bring children, you must remain with them during the meetup. There is no cost for the meetup but if you wish, you can contribute to our publishing fund or to Radstorm itself on a pay what you can basis.

Upcoming meetups:
Sat., March 14th; Cancelled! Sorry :( 
Pancakes and Panels Fundraiser POSTPONED - new date TBD! 
Sat., April 11th; 1 to 3PM (Event page) - Proxima #3 collation party!


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This sounds great! How do I join?

We don't really keep a record of members. If you want to join us at a meetup or contribute to our zine, AND you live in or can travel to the Halifax area for meetups or events, you're in! Welcome!

If you want to stay informed about our upcoming events and see cool stuff in progress by other local cartoonists, we recommend you subscribe to the free HRM Making Comics Newsletter! You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram!


What kind of things does the group do?

Since we started meeting a year ago we have: had monthly meetups at Radstorm to hang out and draw, published two print issues of our zine Proxima, sold our comics at DCAF and some other shows, and participated in special events like 24 Hour Comics Day. Our hope is that this group can be a resource to anyone who wants to make comics, either on their own or with others - and if you need to find someone to collaborate with, maybe you'll find them here!


How much does it cost?

There is no cost to be in the group itself, or to subscribe to the newsletter. Our meetup space, Radstorm, is a collaborative arts space that survives largely on donations, so if you wish to help sustain the Making Comics meetup, you can always contribute to Radstorm. We do also have a small fund for publishing, which we try to replenish by selling copies of our zine. Generally, we try to keep things as close to free as possible - you will need to supply your own art/writing materials if you join us at a meetup. And if you need to copy your comics or zines, remember that Radstorm also hosts The People's Copier!


Are there rules I need to know?

The main rule for the group is simply this: respect. We meet in person at Radstorm because we share their values of inclusion and collective action. We are a community of artists and writers, and we expect anyone who attends our meetups or contributes to our comics to do so in a way that respects others.


Do you have submission guidelines?

If you would like to submit comics to the next issue of Proxima, please email good scans or a PDF of your pages to Scott Marshall at Resolution in the vicinity of 240ppi and original art scaled to letter-sized paper (8.5 by 11") would be welcome. If you can't scan your artwork or need other help, let Scott know and we'll work it out. Submissions can be in colour or grayscale, and should generally be no longer than 8 pages in total per issue. 

Please note: we aren't publishers. We are a nonprofit collective who produces a zine a few times a year and meets to encourage each other to keep making comics. Someday we may have projects where you get paid for contributing, but Proxima is not one of them. However, if you do contribute something to an issue, you will get a free printed copy for your files. Members and non-members are welcome to purchase printed copies through the Anchor Archive Zine Library at Radstorm, at our meetups, at comics and zine conventions, or by mail.

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