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Welcome to Proxima!

(It's what we call the comic zine that we publish.)
You can read our back issues here; click a cover to open the PDF in a new window.

Issue 1

7 contributors /
40 pages
Cover by
Vincent McMackin

Proxima Comics Zine Issue 2 cover

Issue 2

11 contributors /
48 pages
Cover by
Rob Hansen

Proxima Comics Zine Issue 3 coming in April!

Issue 3

Coming in April 2020!
Contributions welcome!

Join us - contribute to Proxima!

We publish Proxima a few times a year as a way to give our members a place to present short comics (or excerpts from longer pieces) to each other and the comics-loving public. There are no general restrictions for content, apart from our overall rule of respect.

If you have some comics that you would like to contribute, email our editor Scott Marshall with the following:
1) your name and contact information;
2) the name of your comic(s) and a description of it, if you wish;
3) attached scans of the pages, or a high resolution PDF, or a link to someplace we can get files like that;
4) any other information you think we need to know.

By the way, we can always use cover illustrations too!

What if I want a paper copy?

Not very exciting as dreams go, but very achievable! You can either contribute to an issue and get a copy of that issue for free, or you can get paper copies of Proxima at the following places:

1) Radstorm, both for sale and in the Anchor Archive Zine Library to borrow;
2) At our meetups, which are also at Radstorm;
3) At shows where we are selling our stuff;
4) Hopefully some local comic shops soon. But not yet. Once we are, this part of the page will be updated.
5) By mail order; again, email Scott for details. We do offer bulk rates and trade options for retailers, distros, and our contributors.

Sample ad for Will Not Bow Comics

Can I advertise my comics, zines, or shop in Proxima?

Absolutely! We have a few pages per issue set aside for basic ads to promote local comics and shops, classifieds for creators looking to collaborate, announcements, and more.

These ad spots are free for local creators and shops but they are first come/first serve; so if you want one for the next issue, contact Scott following the same instructions you would for contributing comics.

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