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in progress: Jackdaw

a new collection of comics and zines

We didn't have the internet when I was a kid, and growing up in a small town left limited options for researching a school essay. I was fascinated in particular by learning packets called Jackdaws that mixed short, encyclopedia style articles with reproductions of period photos and ephemera.

As I approach my 40th year since I first made a zine, I feel like every thing I publish is instantly a relic. But I still like publishing zines, and since it seems like the pros and cons of nostalgia are on my mind lately, it feels appropriate to create this new vehicle for short comics, weird little zines, and whatever else I feel like doing.

I hope to have the first (possibly annual?) Jackdaw collection completed in time for TCAF 2021, or shortly afterward. It will contain some new short comics, an exclusive small signed print, last copies of some recent zines, and more. 


in progress:
Return of the
Tesla Twins

what did your face look like before you were born?

You know how George Lucas had that throwaway line in the first Star Wars movie about how Obi-Wan knew Luke's dad because they "fought together in the Clone Wars?" And fans obsessed and obsessed over what a clone war probably looked like until Lucas himself had to admit it was worth spending at least one movie on and now it's like the best thing about Star Wars, depending on who you ask?

That's what my new ongoing comic series is like, but with a much smaller audience and scope and budget. Return of the Tesla Twins expands upon a passing reference from my long-defunct webcomic Time Wounds All Heels, exploring memory, identity, and chosen family.

Return of the Tesla Twins is the first volume of a projected trio of story collections, and it will be serialized in Jackdaw if all goes to plan.

Tesla Twins pencils

next up:

Is This the Show?

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