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The Archive

I'll be using this page to post PDFs and scans of old favourites and oddities.

There are excerpts from most of my old webcomics in my retrospective book 
Young, Dumb, and Full of Comics, and most of my longest running webcomic
is collected in a book version of The Insult; but the only way to read them in
their original colour formats is to look them up online:
Are We Not Batmen?
Time Wounds All Heels
The Insult

In 2020 my friend Nicole and I did a crazy podcast about our shared loved for Hallmark holiday movies. You can see the archive of A Podcast In a Queer Tree at your own pace. Will we make more? We don't know yet.

In 2018 I created a card game called Story Mode which you can use to generate story ideas, play as a competitive game, or use as a teaching tool. It is currently on hold in terms of new developments but you can still download, print, and play the core version of the game. Visit storymodegame.com for more information.

In 2008 I did a weekly movie/comedy blog called Sunday Night in Cinema 3, and in 2018
I did a short-lived podcast looking back on it and at how movies had changed in that time.
Both are available online.

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Featured exhibit: Stop Voting for Fascists (Please)

Hey Judas

Above: my love letter to Donald Trump, an update to Carmaig DeForest's song "Hey Judas".
You can read the PDF if you promise to vote for Biden.
Below: the cover of a mini-comic advocating for gun control after the Columbine school massacre in 1999.
Sadly still all too relevant today. Click here to read a PDF of "You're Not Fooling Anyone."

You're Not Fooling Anyone

Exhibit: Comics

Year of the Cad

My brave assault on the probably very nice folk-rock veteran Al Stewart, previously unseen in colour, from 2015. 

The 6-Panel Disaster Film

A silly old series idea I had; the 6-panel [insert genre or artform here].
Previously unpublished, I think, from 2000. I had a freelance graphic design business then called "superior studio," ugh. It was meant ironically. I hated freelancing.

Mento Bento

From 2015, a one-pager that I did as part of a pitch I was thinking of doing for Archie. I never did send it in (they revamped their entire line) but I enjoyed drawing these two, especially Jug's bento box.

Ishy page 1
Ishy 2
Ishy 3

This was a rare collaboration with a friend, David Teare, who I used to work with in the early 90s. He wrote a short script and I started to illustrate it in pencil (also rare for me at the time) on letter sized pieces of bristol. The working title was "Ishy".

Dregs Ad 1
Dregs ad issue 2
Dregs Ad 3
Dregs 4 ad

Yes, I had a soul patch in the year 2000. These were the back covers for the first 4 issues of my original mini-comic Dregs, before I changed to a magazine format for two more actually final issues. What I lacked in drawing skill I figured I would make up for in sales pitches, I guess.

Exhibit: Zines

Forgotten Heroes #1

A zine about big-screen franchises from the 80s that didn't go as planned, including Remo Williams, Megaforce, Buckaroo Banzai and more. It's out of print but you can read it online

In No Particular Order

I sometimes get asked to speak to classes of children or college students about making comics, and for a while curated a tumblr of comics advice. This little zine is a collection of the advice I give the most, plus some resources. Download the PDF if you'd like to read it.

The Instant Comic Book

"The Instant Comic Book" is a blank comic book (complete with word balloons you can cut out and paste in) which I have been giving away at shows and talks for a few years. That's my mascot "Squonky" on the cover. Download the PDF if you would like to print one for yourself.


I was in an Amateur Press Association called APA Centauri from 1984 until the early 2000s, when the internet pretty much killed the dozens of APAs that were in circulation. In that time I contributed over 2000 pages of material under various personal zine titles and formats. This is one of them. I plan on sifting through those archives and posting the best stuff here eventually.

Exhibit: Sketches and Illustrations


A banner I drew for an earlier website of mine, depicting my many interests.

Kirby Captain America
Iron Man Kirby
Kirby Cap 2
Colan Dracula

Sometimes it's fun to try inking over pencil drawings that you find by artists that you admire. The first three of these are digital inks over pencils by the late great Jack Kirby. The fourth is an Inktober drawing with analog tools based on a drawing by Gene Colan, and the last is a lightboxed analog ink drawing of Betty and Veronica by Dan DeCarlo. 

Audrey Hepburn
Bela Bela

Drawings of some favourite actors, all from photo references: Audrey Hepburn in pencil, Bela Lugosi for Inktober, and Orson Welles in pencil.

Atari joystick

Some old analog ink favourites from the APAzine days.

Princess Mononoke
Nicole and me

A couple drawings for family; a sketch of San from Princess Mononoke for my sister-in-law, and a drawing of Nicole and I from our wedding program.

Exhibit: Prints

Art Smarts

"Mansplainer" and "Art Smarts," probably my two best selling prints of the last few years, still available from my Inprnt shop.

Oh, Clippy
Blessed are the comics-makers

Some out of print favourites. "Blessed Are the Comics-Makers" is a benefit print for the HRM Making Comics Meetup, which is currently on hiatus thanks to the pandemic. The text on the Portland poster is from "I Am the Walrus" by the Dead Milkmen. 

Exhibit: Commissions

Heroes Beacon

A promo poster for a comic shop in Saint John; part of a drawing I did for the Queens Comic Book Legion kickstarter book from Kingston, Ontario; a drawing of Ryan Gosling in digital pencil for a friend as part of a birthday gift for his partner; and a one-panel comic for a special issue of The Coast here in Halifax a few years ago. If you would like to hire me to make something like this (or something else), get in touch

Exhibit: Ephemera

Dregs V1
Dregs V1

The front and back cover for a magazine-sized reprint that I did of my original minicomic series, complete with actual feedback that I got on them at the time. Fun fact, I used to feel really bad about Gavin McInnes' remark but he went on to form a white supremacist hate group, so I guess I'm glad he didn't enjoy my comics now. There were very few copies of this collection made.

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