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I will flesh this out a little more in the coming months, but for now,
here are the best ways to get ahold of me depending on your needs:

  • General inquiries, commissions, and freelance inquiries - respectful comments or questions about my work are always welcome. I am generally available for commissions and some freelance work; rates are dependent on the type and quantity of work and are generally aligned with the Pricing and Ethical Guidelines of the Graphic Artists' Guild. As a general rule I don't do commissions of other people's IP unless it's satirical. I also generally don't do freelance writing due to contractual obligations with my day job. If you want to get in touch for any of these reasons, please email me with your comments or inquiries.
  • Retailers, booksellers, zine distros and other business inquiries - bulk pricing is available for you depending on your area of interest. I am working on a form that you can use to place bulk orders; for now, email me.
  • Press - it needs updating but for now, here is my old Press page, which includes my bio and author photo, plus links to some PDF samples of my publications.

Copyright © 2020 by Scott Marshall.