Glen Carabin Sean Jordan Zeta Paul
Jud Crandall Alex Kennedy Charvel Rappos
Rob Hansen Scott Marshall Christine Waugh
Dave Howlett Eris S. Nyx

Creator Bios

Cover  for Dart Mouth #1 by Glen Carabin

Glen Carabin

Brightside Comics

Glen is a comic book creator working out of Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia. After writing a story inspired by the neighbouring city of Dartmouth, but unable to find an artist to illustrate his book, Glen got creative and developed a unique comic art style in the creation of DART-MOUTH: A Supernatural, Superhero Thriller.

Distro titles: Dart Mouth #1-2
Available for commissions? TBD
Glen's Substack | Monkeys Fighting Robots article | True North Country Comics interview

Cover for Illegal Bodies Annual 01 by Jud Crandall

Jud Crandall

Extra Final

Hailing from Saint John, NB, Jud is an accomplished musician known for bands including The Organizers, Wooden Wives, and his current project USSE. He is also known for his graphic design, collage and illustration skillsm all of which are evident in his first comics project.

Distro titles: Illegal Bodies Annual 01
Available for commissions? TBD | USSE on Bandcamp

Cover  for The Narrows #1 by Rob Hansen

Rob Hansen

Cheapo Comix

Rob is an illustrator, designer, and comic maker based in Halifax.

Distro titles: Chetwynd #1-2 | The Narrows #1
Available for commissions? Yes

Cover art for The Makers #1 by Dave Howlett

Dave Howlett

Paskettiwestern Productions

Dave Howlett is perhaps best known locally parked behind the counter at Strange Adventures in Halifax, slinging comics and knowlege in equal measure. In his off hours he makes his own comics and collaborates with a number of people on theirs. Dave is also one of the most knowledgeable people I know about movies and has an impressive DVD collection.

Distro titles: The Makers #1-5 | The Last Paper Route #1-4 | Slamarama #1-5 | The Complete Scenester
Available for commissions? TBD
Instagram: @paskettiwestern

Cover art for The Last Paper Route #1 by Dave Howlett

Sean Jordan

Sean Jordan, better known by his stage name Wordburglar, is a Canadian alternative hip hop artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia, now based in Toronto. His style is best described as upbeat and charismatic with an emphasis on wordplay and humour.

Distro titles: The Last Paper Route #1-4

Cover art for The Last Paper Route #4 by Dave Howlett

Alex Kennedy

Sean Jordan's partner in comics, collaborating first on Adventures in Paper-Routing and cowriting The Last Paper Route comics that followed. He works as a comedian in Vancouver.

Distro titles: The Last Paper Route #1-4

Instagram: @rlextherobot

Cover art for Microdose #1 by Scott Marshall

Scott Marshall

I am the founder of the BRB distro and have been making zines for about 40 years. I started making comics of my own in the early 90s and have been publishing them for about 30 years. I am also a graphic designer and technical writer by day with three lovely children, all based in Dartmouth NS.

Distro titles: As Seen On Your Nana's Wall | Hey Judas | Microdose #1 | Always Drawing Faces | Spaces Between #1-2 | The Insult | Young, Dumb, and Full of Comics | An Otherworld | Timing is Everything

Available for commissions? Sometimes

Cover art for Breakfast at Stalin's #1 by Charvel Rappos

Eris S. Nyx

Eris Nyx is a writer, artist and musician.

Distro titles: Breakfast at Stalin's #1-2

Available for commissions? TBD

Cover art for Zeta Zine #1 by Zeta Paul

Zeta Paul

Zeta Paul is a Mi’kmaw interdisciplinary artist. She attended The Nova Scotia University of Art and Design and fell in love with creating, through mediums such as illustration, animation, print, photography, and jewellery. Her inspiration often revolves around feelings, memories, nostalgia, intimacy communicated through color, tone and subject matter arranged in a dynamic ethereal manner.

Distro titles: ZetaZine #1-2
Available for commissions? TBD
Linktree for Zeta Paul

Cover art for Breakfast at Stalin's #2 by Charvel Rappos

Charvel Rappos

Charvel Rappos is an interdisciplinary artist, facilitator, and community organizer living and working in K'jipuktuk/Halifax. Charvel’s work is centred in a creative exploration of the everyday as a force against banality. Her work pairs instance with exploration in order to understand social and personal states, how they move, and how they remain. Process-based, her work is often used as an informal tool to produce and manage contradictions of these states; absorbent, she strives to uncover new and lost approaches to doing so.

Distro titles: Breakfast at Stalin's #1-2
Available for commissions? TBD
Instagram: @dofusnark

Cover art for Oceans by Christine Waugh

Christine Waugh

Bio to come

Distro titles: Oceans
Available for commissions? TBD
Instagram: @christinewaughstudios